Log of intent: Last updated June 11, 2009

Shine Alright, screw you guys. I'm not doing this anymore.
Does this mean you'll be a mother to me?
...yeah... ok.

February 11th 2009

wiggleshine What the christ!? Why didn't anybody tell me that animation takes so freaking LONG!?!
Alex Now imagine if you had gotten any music requests.
Shine What the hell did I do to you guys that make you want to rip on me every time I make ANY EFFORT TO CREATE SOMETHING!?


January 30, 2009

wiggleshine Well I changed music to ANIMATIONS because everybody was AFRAID of my ability to make music.
shaedo I'm not sure I feel very confident about your ability to animate.

January 26, 2009

shine Hey guys, I'm gonna be selling artwork.
shaedo How much will they cost?

Pricing will be determined entirely by demand. There will be 5 categories. Paper, Computer, Paper-Color, Computer-Color and Music. If more people request one of the categories, the price for that category goes up. If nobody requests anything then that category will be free. Categories will not affect each other in any way so it will be possible for black and white to be more expensive than color.

It is my assumption that, from least expensive to most expensive, it will be priced like this.

  • Computer Drawings
  • Paper Drawings
  • Music
  • Color Paper
  • Color Computer

I base this estimate on a relation between how much people would want these things, related to how much people will actually be willing to pay for them.

shaedo Can I see an example of your art so I know the sort of quality to expect for my hard earned cash?

Yeah, examples will be posted when examples come into existence. Right now everything's free so you have nothing to lose.

I'm going to post all free requests in an examples section. If your art actually costs you money, you can request to not have it put on the site.

alex Can we request NSFW stuff?
shine I'll probably ignore your request, but if I decide I want to draw pornos today and take an NSFW request I won't be posting it in the Examples section.
shaedo If price goes up will quality also go up?
I will make no additional effort to make pictures better based on the cost of the picture. Since pricing is based on demand and I start charging more based on the number of requests, quality will probably go down as price goes up. The pricing based on demand thing is actually intended to lower demand, not to increase my revenue.
shaedo How are we supposed to send you money? Do you have paypall? A mailing address?
shine You're not even ALLOWED to send me money yet.
heather Wait, you make music? Are you good at it?
shine Uh... We'll let the paying customers decide that!
cid Nobody's going to buy anything from you, Shiné, you're wasting your time and you'll only end up alienating your friends from asking you to draw them pictures. Also, you're a dude in real life.
mika So does this mean that we won't be able to get free drawings from you? We're your friends!
You're overestimating the level of demand for my art. I probably won't see even one dollar.
cid I think FAQ lists are tacky, and you only organized this as a FAQ because you can't form complete thoughts in paragraph form. Nobody actually asked you these questions.

Yes they did. Here's a chat log.

[6:09:56 PM] Shiné says: Hey guys, I'm gonna start selling art.
[6:10:10 PM] Shiné says: I'm gonna make it so that the pricing is directly related to demand and it's going to be awesome.
[6:10:34 PM] Dr.Gradamit says: why are you doing this
[6:10:39 PM] Shiné says: I need money.
[6:10:41 PM] Jonix says: Yeah, why?
[6:10:46 PM] AlittleGirl says: How big is your penis?
[6:10:47 PM] Shiné says: Because I want to buy things.
[6:10:50 PM] Shiné says: I don't have one.
[6:10:56 PM] Jonix says: D:
[6:10:57 PM] AlittleGirl says: How big is your vagina?
[6:11:01 PM] Dolphin HJ says: How much money should I eat?
[6:11:02 PM] Shiné says: I haven't measured.
[6:11:09 PM] Shiné says: Money isn't edible.
[6:11:18 PM] Jonix says: Or IS it?
[6:11:22 PM] Shiné says: It isn't.
[6:11:24 PM] Dr.Gradamit says: why don't you think monney is edible?
[6:11:25 PM] Jonix says: Oh.
[6:11:28 PM] Shiné says: I've checked.
[6:11:31 PM] Shiné says: It doesn't digest.
[6:11:34 PM] Dolphin HJ says: What if aliens fought cavemen in a battle for domination?
[6:11:36 PM] AlittleGirl says: Does your medical record contain any information about STD you have or have had in the past?
[6:11:38 PM] Jonix says: So THAT'S why you need money.
[6:11:51 PM] Shiné says: Then it would be awesome.
[6:11:54 PM] Shiné says: No, I have no STDs.
[6:11:56 PM] Dr.Gradamit says: how thouroughly have you checked?
[6:12:01 PM] Waltjorg Liebersimons says: L. Ron Hubbard already did the thinking for us there.
[6:12:03 PM] Shiné says: Pretty thoroughly.
[6:12:05 PM] Jonix says: How much money do you want from me for your stupid prduct?
[6:12:08 PM] Dolphin HJ says: Why do dogs keep licking their balls
[6:12:15 PM] Waltjorg Liebersimons says: Why do you fap all of the time?
[6:12:16 PM] Dolphin HJ says: whenever I have company?
[6:12:20 PM] Shiné says: Pricing will be based on demand so if more want it, more money.
[6:12:22 PM] Waltjorg Liebersimons says: Why is the sky?
[6:12:24 PM] Shiné says: Because their balls are dry.
[6:12:33 PM] Shiné says: I'm bored.
[6:12:38 PM] Shiné says: I like company.!
[6:12:39 PM] Waltjorg Liebersimons says: Why are you bored?
[6:12:41 PM] Dolphin HJ says: Can I request NSFW artwork?
[6:12:46 PM] Shiné says: The sky is because of the ocean.
[6:12:49 PM] Shiné says: I have nothing to do.
[6:12:55 PM] Shiné says: You can request NSFW but it won't be posted.
[6:13:01 PM] AlittleGirl says: Are you able to become pregnant if convential birthcontrol is neglected, and if yes, are you able to succesfully concieve a child?
[6:13:02 PM] Jonix says: So wait. If I really want a picture of Batman, but like 20 other jerkoffs want a picture of him too, I have to pay more?
[6:13:21 PM] Jonix says: Sounds like a scame to me.
[6:13:24 PM] Shiné says: I have no issues with my uterus at this time.
[6:13:26 PM] Jonix says: Or a scam even
[6:13:37 PM] Shiné says: Yes, you have to pay more for batman. I'm sorry. That's the way it goes.
[6:13:41 PM] Dolphin HJ says: How long does a commision take?
[6:13:44 PM] Waltjorg Liebersimons says: Jonix: How wide are your areolae? Are your feet detailed?
[6:13:45 PM] Shiné says: Not long.
[6:13:46 PM] AlittleGirl says: Have you ever put your own finger inside of your anus?
[6:13:59 PM] Shiné says: My feet are not dialated, nor are they part of my areola.
[6:14:04 PM] Dr.Gradamit says: SCIENCE or MAGIC?
[6:14:10 PM] Jonix says: How NSFW is NSFW? Like boobies or penetration?
[6:14:13 PM] Shiné says: Yes, once. I was wiping and it was an accident.
[6:14:15 PM] Shiné says: Magic!
[6:14:21 PM] Dolphin HJ says: Can i get a picture of me having sex with rorshach?
[6:14:23 PM] Jonix says: FUCK YES MAGIC
[6:14:24 PM] Shiné says: I won't post either but you can request anything.
[6:14:25 PM] Jonix says: ?
[6:14:27 PM] Waltjorg Liebersimons says: I accidentally a whole coke bottle, is this bad?
[6:14:27 PM] Dr.Gradamit says: why do you hate america?
[6:14:28 PM] Shiné says: You may.
[6:14:32 PM] Shiné says: Yes it's bad.
[6:14:36 PM] Shiné says: Americans are Pigs.
[6:14:40 PM] AlittleGirl says: How do you feel about inserting pins or other objects into your penis?
[6:14:48 PM] Shiné says: I don't have a penis, but I'm against it.
[6:14:58 PM] Jonix says: Why is it called the Xbox 360?
[6:15:03 PM] Dolphin HJ says: What if I dont want a picture posted?
[6:15:09 PM] Shiné says: Because you turn 360 degrees and walk away.
[6:15:24 PM] AlittleGirl says: Why is it called the Duke Nukem Forever?
[6:15:30 PM] Dr.Gradamit says: are your really a bear trying to devour us all
[6:15:34 PM] Shiné says: Well you can request to not have your chat posted if it cost money, but not if it's free.
[6:15:36 PM] Waltjorg Liebersimons says: What time is love?
[6:15:40 PM] Shiné says: Because it takes forever to come out.
[6:15:41 PM] AlittleGirl says: What is love?
[6:15:43 PM] Shiné says: I'm not a bear.
[6:15:46 PM] Shiné says: Love is all the time.
[6:15:47 PM] Dolphin HJ says: WHERE IS THE CAKE, ROBOTNIK?
[6:15:49 PM] Shiné says: Baby don't hurt me.
[6:15:52 PM] Shiné says: It's up my ass.
[6:15:52 PM] AlittleGirl says: WHO WAS PHONE
[6:15:57 PM] Shiné says: Stepfather.
[6:15:57 PM] Waltjorg Liebersimons says: TELL ME WHERE THE BOMB IS
[6:16:01 PM] Shiné says: In your pants.
[6:16:04 PM] Jonix says: What games does the PS3 have?
[6:16:04 PM] Dr.Gradamit says: then who was call?
[6:16:07 PM] Shiné says: No games.
[6:16:10 PM] Shiné says: Sister.
[6:16:20 PM] Waltjorg Liebersimons says: Are you or have you ever been a member of the communist party?
[6:16:26 PM] Shiné says: Once in Spanish.
[6:16:27 PM] Dr.Gradamit says: how do I kill you?
[6:16:37 PM] Shiné says: You have to one-shot me with a kamikaze nuker.
[6:16:39 PM] Dolphin HJ says: What if I want to cancel a drawing?
[6:16:47 PM] AlittleGirl says: Have you ever inserted things apart from your finger into your anus, and if yes, was it to sexually stimulate yourself or for medical reasons?
[6:16:47 PM] Shiné says: Just send me another email.
[6:16:56 PM] Jonix says: Are the lions real scary?
[6:16:57 PM] Shiné says: Medical reasons.
[6:16:59 PM] Shiné says: Yes.
[6:17:02 PM] Shiné says: >:3
[6:17:10 PM] Jonix says: Are the tigers scary?
[6:17:15 PM] Shiné says: Not as scary, but still scary.
[6:17:18 PM] Waltjorg Liebersimons says: Jesus Christ a lion, should we get in the car?
[6:17:19 PM] Jonix says: Cheetahs? Scary?
[6:17:20 PM] AlittleGirl says: What about a little puma?
[6:17:28 PM] Dolphin HJ says: who would win in a fight: superman or Goku?
[6:17:28 PM] Shiné says: Yes.
[6:17:29 PM] Shiné says: No.
[6:17:30 PM] Shiné says: Yes.
[6:17:32 PM] Shiné says: Goku.
[6:17:33 PM] Waltjorg Liebersimons says: Centipedes? In my vagina?
[6:17:38 PM] Shiné says: It's more likely than you think.
[6:17:52 PM] AlittleGirl says: What is the origin of the name 'Shiné'?
[6:17:55 PM] Dr.Gradamit says: can I barrow your soul?
[6:18:00 PM] Shiné says: My mother named me it.
[6:18:01 PM] Shiné says: No you may not.
[6:18:03 PM] Dolphin HJ says: How many licks does it take to get the toostie roll center of a tootie pop?
[6:18:06 PM] Shiné says: 3.
[6:18:16 PM] Dr.Gradamit says: aww c'mon I'll give it rigt back
[6:18:21 PM] Shiné says: rigt.
[6:18:22 PM] Waltjorg Liebersimons says: Who are you? Where do you come from? What are you gonna do with your life?
[6:18:22 PM] Dolphin HJ says: WHAT DOES THE "A" STAND FOR?
[6:18:25 PM] AlittleGirl says: Your mother named me 'superfucker' last night, Oh snap?
[6:18:26 PM] Jonix says: Roger comes up to Doug and says "Hey, Funnie! I'm gonna rape you! Right in the ass!" Doug looks to Skeeter for help. What does Skeeter say?
[6:18:34 PM] Shiné says: I'm Shine. I come from the internet. I want to be an artist.
[6:18:38 PM] Shiné says: that's a lot of questions.
[6:18:39 PM] Shiné says: I give up.
[6:18:40 PM] Shiné says: Goodbye.
[6:18:55 PM] Dolphin HJ says: You have entered a dark room. there are exits north south eat of you. What do you do?
[6:19:02 PM] Waltjorg Liebersimons says: So i was wit my hunny makin out and the fone rings and aks wut im doin wit his daughetr but her dad was ded, who was phone?

corbin You *do* realize that if you make enough money to pay off your domain name, you're gonna have to do that, right?
shine FFFFFF!!